Today is October 21, 2017

Welcome to the Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District.

Chief Leonard Thompson Announces: Shared Services agreement with Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District:

One of Petaluma City Council’s goals in FY 2013-14 was to “evaluate partnerships with Rancho Adobe and other neighboring fire departments for opportunities for shared administration”. Sonoma County fire agencies have, for many years, sought to achieve more collaboration in order to provide efficient and cost-effective emergency response delivery, especially in our southern portion of the County.
It is with great pleasure that I announce that Petaluma Fire and Rancho Adobe Fire Departments have agreed to a shared services agreement.
Last November, I had the pleasure to meet with personnel from Rancho Adobe Fire Protection District and members of their Board of Directors to discuss options for filling their Fire Chief vacancy due to retirement. In the meeting, the concept of a one-year shared services agreement was proposed to provide administrative support to Rancho Adobe as their Fire Chief. My role would include, not only oversee Petaluma Fire, but provide oversight of Rancho Adobe’s three fire stations, personnel, equipment, apparatus and records. The one-year period would evaluate whether opportunities to improve service to both communities was possible and would attempt to identify efficiencies and cost-effective means to work in collaboration in all phases of emergency services. At the end of the one-year contract period, and with the assistance and input of both organizations, an agreeable plan to further integrate both agencies in partnership and shared services would be explored. The new agreed plan would be put into place for an extended period.
The goal in achieving collaboration, while keeping essential parts of the organizations separate, will include exploring combined training opportunities and the sharing of equipment apparatus, staffing, facilities and the like. Having a goal to standardize, elevate and equalize the level of training will provide both departments more flexibility and a foundation to move forward to initiate quality shared services. The need to drop boundaries and provide the closest resource to emergencies without having to deal with jurisdictional impediments would be a logical progression. Utilizing staff to reduce duplication of effort in both emergency response and administrative responsibilities will better utilize staffing. Having a combined recruit academy will save duplication of effort and will achieve cost savings for both departments, while standardizing expectations in emergency operations.
This Shared Services Agreement is good for both communities and is the direction that the Fire Service is moving. I’m proud to support this project and am excited to see what positive changes it will bring both agencies. I hope you, as well, will see the benefit of our collaboration! .